Rose Pitcher


The Rose Collection is made and painted by a wonderful artist in the Algarve, though a different artist to our Bluebell collection. The shapes and forms of the pottery, the free hand painting and creatures that adorn the hand thrown red clay pieces are all influenced by the art of those numerous civilisations that prevailed in the region.


The pottery house was first established in 1968 and is now owned by one of the founder's two daughters who manage the day to day running of the business as well as creating new designs.


The Technique


Majolica is the name given to tin-glazed earthenware. This is achieved by dipping fired earthenware or ‘biscuit’ ware into a tin based glaze which provides the opaque, white base onto which the decoration is applied.


This technique is thought to have originated in Persia and is believed to have been well established in Mesopotamia by the 9th century, where it became a prized alternative to the much esteemed porcelain from China.


Introduced into Europe by the Moors, Iberia became famous as a centre of excellence for this type of pottery which due to its popular appeal soon spread throughout the rest of Europe.


As each piece is hand made, hand glazed and decorated, no two pieces are identical. Small irregularities in the glaze and colours can occur and are characteristic of this pottery’s rustic style. Colours can vary from piece to piece, and the colours depicted in the photographs can vary from the originals.

Rose Pitcher