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Bohemia Jug in Light Green, 2L


The Bohemia Collection is hand blown in the small city of Kamenicky Senov, a cradle of world renowned bohemian glass manufacturing and design. The family glass factory where these are handmade was established in 1905 making it the second oldest glassworks in the city!


Glass in the factory is famous for its clarity and brilliance. They add the colours to the furnace pots during the melting process. Pot colours represent the highest grade of coloured glass.


All of the glass is lead-free and is 100% safe for your health and the environment.


All the glassware is dishwasher safe but the washing programme shall not exceed temperatures of 40°C. We recommend washing this glassware by hand using warm water and mild detergent to increase the longevity of the products.

Bohemia Jug Light Green

£105.00 Regular Price
£78.75Sale Price

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